Aim – to ensure the reliability and accurateness of product, raw material, food additive and water testing and meet the expectations of product consumers and farmers.

Quality – we strive to ensure accurate sampling by following highest quality standards, we carry out comparative research with the laboratories “Actilait Cecalait” from France, “NLGA” from Germany, “LGC Standards” from Great Britain, SOE “Pieno tyrimai” from Lithuania.

The use of reference materials, internal control and discipline guarantee accurate and reliable results.

Expertise – while seeking to achieve a harmonious co-operation with our customers we are constantly soaking up and implementing new research methods, using advanced measurement technologies, prioritizing quality work in all fields of laboratory activity, focusing all laboratory employees to bring the quality program into effect, we organize staff training and professional development seminars, improving the quality control system, which conforms to the requirements of the LST EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Integrity – currently the laboratory has accreditation for physical, physico-chemical and microbiological research of 41 kinds of milk and milk products, drinking and mineral water. All research is carried out by experienced chemists, physicists, microbiologists and diary processing professionals who understand and have mastered the research methods, quality assurance principals and are working in accordance to the regulations (instructions) of regulatory documents